Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Is In The Air

In light of today being Valentine's Day, its a good reason as any to share my story about my dad that I promised.

First, the background so it all makes sense. My dad married my mom when I was 5. He is not my biological father but he is the father of my heart. He adopted me when I was 7 and made it official. He couldn't get rid of me anymore! He's so wonderful and I am lucky that he loved/loves my mother enough to take the whole package back in 1979. A package that included a VERY spoiled and VERY bratty 5 year old.

My dad joined the military right before he and my mother married. His first duty station was in Abilene, Texas - Dyess AFB for those in the know! He and my mother packed up a U-Haul and started the trek across the country leaving behind all their families and me. I stayed back for a month or so before I had to fly out to join them. It was the first time my mother and I had been seperated but I got to stay with my Nana so I didn't mind so much. I am pretty sure it was harder on her. Apparently, I made many many friends on the flight (hey - I didn't have the nickname of Radio Lips for nothing) and as I got off the plane many of the people were telling me to have fun in Texas. Apparently, as the story goes according to my mom, she was dying to see me and couldn't wait but I was too busy telling all my new friends Good-bye. Once I was done with that, I flew right past her into my dad's arms. My poor mother was broken hearted but I'd already had her for 5 years, I knew she was there to stay!

So, the point of the back story is, my father is awesome to me and this story just illustrates one more way. He adores all his children and grandchildren but he still loves my mom completely. Awwwww...

In 2004, they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They finally had all the kids grown and out of the house. They had some extra money and time in which to finally enjoy themselves. They took a week long trip to NYC. I made them a cool sign to take to the Today show and they made the outside shots several times with their wicked sign but Al never talked to them. During this trip, they had tickets to see Cabaret at the old Studio 54. During this time, John Stamos was acting as the Emcee for the show. I don't know how familiar anyone is with the show Cabaret but its pretty racy. I guess my parents had seats on the floor as if they were actually in the saloon watching the a real Cabaret. Waitresses came around and took drink orders - the whole nine yards. During the course of the show, John Stamos comes down to these tables and goes up to a woman. She had a bottle of wine on the table which he grabs and starts to drink out of and then he takes her on the stage and dances with her. Then, he brings her back to her table, keeps her bottle of wine, then starts prowling through the crowd.

John is standing with his back to my father debating whom to dance with next. He is looking around the table musing aloud whether he should dance with another woman......and then he turns toward my father....and wonders if he should dance with a man. He grabs my father and takes him on stage. They are slow dancing and then John Stamos grabs his butt so my Dad gives him an ass squeeze back. They keep dancing and then my father does the thing that makes this story great - he looks right at John Stamos, says into his microphone, "This is for my wife, Rosemary", grabs John Stamos and kisses him full on the lips! The crowd went wild and to say my father stole the show is an understatement!

They waited outside the theater to get autographs. John signed my father's playbook - Pat, Great Kisses, John Stamos. Then my mother said she couldn't leave without a kiss so she kissed him as well.

The story in itself is great but something happened a few weeks later to make it just that little bit better. John Stamos was being interviewed on Late Night with Carson Daly about his role in Cabaret and he was telling Carson about how racy the show is. Carson had asked him if anything weird had ever happened and John said no BUT he said he did have a guy kiss him. So, he did get indirectly mentioned on Carson and he made out with Uncle Jesse!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Music Of The Night.....

Have I mentioned my profound love for musicals? No? What a slacker I am!

I caught the Broadway Bug on London's West End when I was 12. We had a school field trip to see "42nd Street". I didn't know what it was but a day out of school in London sounded a bit of ok. It was like one hit of crack - I was hooked. I was fortunate to live in England for 11 years and during that time, I got to see quite a few musicals on the West End. I saw the aforementioned 42nd Street, West Side Story, Cats, and best of all - Phantom of the Opera.

My dad came over to visit (they left England in 1991 and I stayed until 1993) in April of 1993. He informs me that my mom told him he must get tickets to see Phantom since this would be his last chance to see it over in England. I have to admit to some raving mild jealousy until he informed me that I was going along for the show. A. M. A. Z. I. N. G. I got to spend a fabulous day with my father capped off by an amazing performance.

Since returning to the States, my momma has taken me along to see some musicals here. Les Miserable, Fame, Ms. Saigon, and Mama Mia. We took Kelly along to Mama Mia and she caught the bug. To watch a musical through someone else's eyes the first time is like the first Christmas your kids realize what Christmas is about (Presents, duh!) and their eyes light up and their feet dance when they see the loot under the tree. Priceless. Turns out, Phantom is touring here is Omaha and I just proudly purchased 2 tickets to go see it with Kelly.

Can you tell I'm a bit excited? I'm going to be singing like a fool for the next few weeks. It sure helps take the sting out of the SuperBowlSuck! Fucking Patriots! Also, it reminds me of a great story that I promise to share - it has to do with my parents, New York, and my dad making out with a guy on stage. Stay tuned....