Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Conversations With Abby

As parents, we think our little demon spawn princess is pretty darn smart. Of course, we are supposed to think this. However, I have had others mention her verbosity to me so I know its not all in my head!

She loves for me to read her books. She sits intently on my lap and studies each page as I read it. She gazes up at me in wonder when I change my voice for different characters. It truly is a special time (especially since The Night Before Christmas magically disappeared since we all knew it by heart after each reading it every night). Her favorite book these days is a color book. She loves to bring it to me and have me ask her the colors. Damned if she can't tell me.

M: Abby what color is this?

A: Wed!

M: That's right, Red!!!

We go through each color, mean (green), wellow (yellow), mink (pink), mown (brown), etc, until we get to black. Black is my favorite color:

M: Abby what color is this?

A: Cock!

M: Wild giggles

H: Buh buh buh Black

A: Cock!

I love it....yes, that makes me sick and twisted mother but its just too damn funny.

The other day she was running around naked (yes, this is our lame ass attempt to potty train). When I came in to yell at her for the millionth time to sit her hiney down on the potty chair, I found her sitting on the floor with her legs spread wide. She had a wad of stuffing from the couch which she was oh so carefully attempting to place on her girly area. Yes, like down there.....I lost it in a fit of giggles. I was laughing so hard I was crying.

Also, don't ask her to say talk, it sounds an awful lot like black!


Deb said...

LOL!!! I love when they mispronounce words! It's the highlight of my day to get something completely unexpected out of something as simple as "black".

Thanks for swinging by and commenting on my announcement yesterday. I'm jealous that you're a blink breeder!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay...I don't know exactly how I landed at your blog, but how funny! You (and Abby) are hysterical!
Now perhaps we should all be alarmed because I totally believe all things happen for a reason, so of course I somehow clicked on a link to your blog for reasons yet to be revealed to me.
I mean, it's entirely possible I was meant to get here on a day I wold learn alternative uses for furniture stuffing... I'm not entirely clear as to precisely how the stuffing from the sofa going down there (you know, down *there there*) episode will impact me moving forward, but I promise to come back and tell you when it does!
I mean, is it a message to let the dog chew more of the sofa that I hate? That would be good for me. I'm cool with that. Or is it a message about some kind of bikini wax thingie that is so not happening I cannot begin to tell you....hhhhm.
Oh well, I can tell you I'm completely gassed to have stopped by and will be back. You're a hoot and a half!

Sasha said...

Good lord, that's hilarious! She is too cute!

Smoochiefrog said...

Too funny!

Good luck with the potty training. Somehow something magically clicked for us and she is doing great, except for #2. We're still working on that one. :)

That lady with 6 daughters said...

I have a will-be-three- in August and those mispronunciations are a crack up Lipstick=lickdicks Firecracker =fucker sit down=shit now. My older kids are constantly telling her to sid down, firecracker because they like to hear her repeat it.