Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Abby the Explorer

Abby is addicted to a few shows - Onder Pets, Ongebob, Ora, Boos Clues to name a few (Let me know if anyone needs the translations to those titles as they are in Abbaese). As a matter of fact, she's behind me now, buck ass naked, singing about Eam Ork (Teamwork) as she watches the Wonder Pets.

This weekend, I found out just how much she's addicted to these shows. She was sitting on her potty (don't ask how that's going...she'll sit on it until she has to go then gets up and shits or pees on the floor) and I was talking to Kelly. I was listening to Abby with half an ear when I though I heard uno. Thinking that she babbles a lot and I wasn't paying total attention to her, I just assumed I misunderstood.

Then, I heard tres, cinqo, ocho. After I picked my jaw up from the shock, I shushed Kelly and told her to listen. I'll be damned if she didn't count to 8 in Spanish. All of the numbers correct. My favorite is ocho because of the way she says it, OOOOOOOCHO.

On a side note, anyone have any tips on potty training? She won't keep a diaper on (especially if she poops in it) yet, short of superglueing her ass to the potty, she won't stay on that either. What's worse is, she makes sure to tell us as soon as she goes on the floor. I'm thinking she'll be in diapers til she's 21 at this rate....


Smoochiefrog said...

Tips for potty training? BE PATIENT!!!!

I fought with K for the entire first week we started. Mr. Smoochiefrog took over on the weekend, and that's all it took.

Maybe she's just not ready yet. She did just turn 2 right? Give it a couple of months and try again.

Just a thought.

Sasha said...

Isn't it crazy how fast they pick up Spanish at this age? P's accent is fabulous too.

As for potty training, who knows. WC is doing pretty well at school, not at home. I'm scared of trying underwear....