Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Couple of updates for those who have been anxiously waiting (all...ummm... zero of you). It has been a crazy crazy week!

The big wedding was Saturday. I looked really nice freaking hot if I say so myself! The wedding was beautiful. I promise to post pictures as soon as I can find some that I don't totally look freaking bombed in since I wouldn't want to shatter my well developed illusion of being a nice, sweet, wholesome girl. Oh yeah, did I mention? I got completely hammered...falling down, throwing up, wishing I would die drunk. NOT. PRETTY. I haven't been like that in years. I'm a total lightweight and usually one glass of wine is more than sufficient. I'm pretty sure I drank the equivalent of at least a bottle over the course of the night. A great time was had however - at least until the next day.

I'm sure I mentioned this but my sister's best friend for the last 15 years or so married them. She wrote the whole ceremony and it was moving, touching, emotional, and downright beautiful. My sister looked gorgeous - as I expected. It was a great but intimate party and just perfect for her. I couldn't be happier.

What I'm not sure I mentioned is, my baby sister is my hero. She is beautiful, smart, and so accomplished. She has a man who adores the ground she walks on and we all love him. My heart was just filled with joy for her - for this wonderful person who has been in my life for 28 years and left her footprints on every inch of my soul. (Dammit, I'm getting all teary eyed just typing this!). She has held my hand at my darkest times. She has dried my tears. She has been the shoulder I've leaned on. She has been the first one I tell my news to, both the good and the bad. She has the ears that have listened, the words that have healed, and a heart that has broken with mine. She has never asked anything in return, instead, just being there when I've needed her. My sister has the rare combination of both inner and outer beauty and to see her just glow with happiness has been the best gift I could receive. Ok, moving on before I dissolve into a complete puddle of mush!

Some of my dad's family came in from RI and it was great to have them there. His brother got married in 1986 and his sister got married in 1978 and to this day, they are still so in love with their spouses. It was so awesome to see. They still kiss and hold hands and hug each other. It was just a great weekend for love!

On the total other hand, my items I ordered for the boudoir came in but I can't test them until the Red Sea departs! I will be sure to give you my take on them - I ordered a couple of the things that Ashley suggested (the heart massager, the candle) and a few things she didn't!


Sasha said...

I'm so glad you had a great time and am anxious to see pics. Sorry about the hangover and general sickness, BTDT myself, many times!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

I thought I was your hero. Now I am going to cry.

Tina (Smoochiefrog) said...

Great to see you again! Glad you had a good time.

Sasha said...

Pics please????? I want to see what you wore!

Also, thanks in advance for the "eagle". I am so excited!

Deb said...

Awww... it's so nice to see someone who loves their sibling!