Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Here I Am!

scene: picture a short red head with huge boobs and enough padding to help qualify her to play the Michelin Man or Stay Puff Marshmallow Man jumping wildly up and down waving her hands

Ewwww - that's quite a visual isn't it???

First off, thanks so much to Sasha and ClemsonGirl for looking for me. They found me buried under a mountain of basketball stuff. Yep, that's right, it's college basketball time and between the NCAA and all the college conferences, we've been buried at work. What stuff do we do, you might be wondering? (Or not wondering but I'm going to tell you anyway so you might as well pretend that you care!) If you've seen a college basketball tournament on TV, we've probably done the decals (stickers for those of you who aren't familiar) for the court. So, next time you are watching your favorite team play in their conference tournament - remember me! Just a couple of more weeks before the flurry settles to a more managable level of craziness and then we get into NBA Playoffs.

So, Phantom. Blah. I was disappointed. As I mentioned, I saw it on the stage in London originally. That was not a touring production so the props, effects, scenery, etc were much better BUT, Kelly loved it and that really was the point of going. The music was great and I left there with the songs buzzing in my head which was great. It was a fun night out so all in all, totally worth it to see the play through Kell's eyes.

My weekend was filled with shit - and yes, I mean that literally! Apparently, we had a city sewer line get blocked and it backed up into MY BASEMENT. There was 6" of, well, to be nice we'll call it water. My house smells like a sewer line. To top it off, my renter's insurance doesn't cover this. On a good note, I called the city and asked who was going to pay for the damages (Shaggy made himself a little living space down there) and they said if we submit a detailed list of damages, they'll submit it to their insurance company. Keep your fingers crossed because he pretty much lost everything!

On a side note, I really need some comments on an issue I've been wrestling with. I've debated about posting this and then decided all the smart and wonderful blog people out there might have some great advice for me. I have a issue I'm really struggling with. My husband pays more attention to the baby than to me. God, that sounds petty even typing it but if anyone has gone through this, they'll understand. Where he used to give me all his attention, now he gives it all to her. She is truly a Daddy's girl and I appreciate that I have a husband who is good with her and willing to do all kinds of things to help but I can't help resenting the fact that I feel like second best. After all, she is going to grow up and leave and then it will be just him and I.

Now that I feel like a complete loser for that.....back to basketball world!


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Good God. Work is NOT an excuse to ignore us. Tatoo that on your forearm.

Daddy loves the baby and is ignoring you? Hmmmm... perhaps you should step it up in the bedroom to get his attention??

Just saying...

Sasha said...

So glad you are OK. Starting to worry.

No advice right now, but I will think about it and surely something will come to me....

Smoochiefrog said...

I have no advice to offer, but it's great seeing you again! I kinda figured you were in basketball hell.

Deb said...

Welcome back!

The plumbing... ew. I feel your pain. I was there recently myself.

As for the hubby, date nights. Weekly date nights! Come to think of it, I need those, too.