Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shaggy Oh Shaggy

As previously mentioned, Shaggy has his lisence (and a new used truck sitting in our driveway waiting to be fixed but thats a story for another day). Since then, he's been taking my car. I use the term car loosely here since its a 1993 Mitsubushi Eclipse with a lovely previously salvaged title but hey, the thing runs and it was free. He's been oh so careful to obey the rules of the road - no cell phone usage, home before midnight, no speeding, etc. - that he was SHOCKED when he got pulled over Friday night.

Apparently, the car had a headlight out. Whew...easy fix and only a fix it ticket. Slid right outta that one! So, on Saturday after work, he dutifully goes and buys a bulb and replaces it. Comes home to inform me that the bulb didn't fix the problem. He thinks its a fuse (it was really a relay but in the effort to explain all this to mechanically disinclined mother, he said fuse). Sunday, we head out to our friendly Napa store to get the relay. Find out that:

1. Its a special order part

2. Its over $30

During talking to the guys at Napa, we come up with a few things it might be since they do not think its a relay since the hazards work. Leaving the store, my husband gets the brilliant idea to see if the high beams work (they do). My fix to the whole problem is, just drive with the highs on, they aren't that bright. Hubby's fix? Shhhh don't tell him but it was much smarter than mine - switch out the bulb and see if it was a bad bulb he bought.

We pull out both bulbs and what do we find???? Shaggy bought a high beam bulb and replaced that - not a headlight bulb. Got a new bulb, popped it in, lights work great. And this kid wants to be a mechanic!!!


Renee said...

Good thinkin', Lincoln! You guys make a good team. :) I love figuring out ways to save money.

-Renee (I never know if I should sign The Renee when I'm not posting on Ashley's blog - is it corny when I do that? Like I'm trying to make myself into some sort of Larger Than Life character or something? lol)

Sasha said...

Oh, that sounds like something Mr. Sasha would do, and then I would figure it out.....