Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Life In Numbers....

The last month has been hell....H.E.L.L. I tell you. I know I've mentioned work is nuts (the people I work with) and we are busy as, well, H.E.L.L. Here are some numbers for you:

Number of Tournaments worked on: 13 (I think) they include the following
College Hoops Classic
ACC/Big Ten Challenge
CBE Classic
Maggie Dixon Classic
Aeropostale Holiday Festival
Aeropostale Holiday Classic
Legends Classic
Blue Ribbon Challenge
Pape Jam
Pape Slam
Men's Jimmy V
Women's Jimmy V

Yes, these are all college basketball tournaments. No, they have not all been played yet. Yes, they are all televised. Yes, half of them are played at Madison Square Garden. (Told ya I had a cool job)

Number of hours worked per week on average: 45

Number of mornings started at 6 am: 4 or 5

Number of evenings ended after 5 pm: see above

Number of dinners eaten with the family: 2

Number of times I've fallen asleep with a book on my face out of sheer exhaustion: 2

Number of bottles of Coke consumed for the quick caffeine rush: I think I just gave Ashley 34 Coke points

Number of days I haven't seen Abby at all: 2

Number of times all of us working together have snapped at each other: at least 3 times a day

Number of times we've all professed a huge hatred of college basketball: one kajillion

Number of times I've whined that my feet, legs, back, arms, and hair hurt: one kajillion plus one

Number of jury summons received to Federal Court: one

Number of times I've wondered if said summons is just a ploy to get me in a courthouse so I can be dutifully arrested for uncontrolled stealing: every 5.4 seconds

Number of times stolen bunny has been thrown to the end of the bed and broken ass bunny has been cuddled close: every night

Number of report cards with straight A's: 1 - way to go Kell

Number of weekends I've only had the baby in the house: easier to count the ones that all kids were in the house - ZERO

Number of nights I've stayed awake past 10:30: ZERO


Tina said...

Bless your heart. It'll be over soon right?

Deb said...

LOL... you don't stay up past 10:30? How is that even possible?

Sasha said...

I'm so sorry! I assume this will be over soon?????