Thursday, December 13, 2007

Braces and Harvard

I don't know if I've mentioned but Kell needs braces. We, in the Casa de Crazy, like to employ the procrastination method of dealing with large expenses. We basically put it off until we have no choice to spend the money and then panic about how we are going to pay for it. So, I need to get her in for a consultation to find out if selling the baby will suffice to pay for this or if I should start whoring myself out as well. I'm guesstimating about $2500 to fix her mouth.

We know there is no rush to get the metal mouth outfitted so I was trying to plan for a time that would be a school vacation since I've been told she's gonna be hurting. And with it being Kelly, I'm sure the pain is going to be on a nuclear level instead of some mild discomfort since she's been known to blow things out of proportion (Have I mentioned these 2 words: Drama and Queen). I was thinking Spring Break and was then informed that it interfered with her 13th birthday. So, it was finally decided that we'd do it this summer - probably after our Hellcation (yeah, you drive 20 hrs in a car with at least 3 kids and try telling me its not Hellcation). Good. Settled.

So, the other night she mentioned something about college. To which I fell into hysterics. I then gently informed said child that there was no way in hell we were paying for college. I told her that when we have to pay out a large sum of money to fix her teeth that she was on her own. Her response: "Awww but Harvard's expensive". There might have been more but I was simultaneously curled in the fetal position and laughing like a hyena! Harvard my ass!

Once the hysterics subsided, I advised her that she better graduate valedictorian then to earn herself a scholarship otherwise I was going to start teaching her the University of Nebraska at Omaha's fight song!


Tina said...

BTDT! D had braces that we had to pay half out of pocket for. It was about $2400. Thank God for payment plans! $100 a month for 2 years I can do, all up front-not so much!

And FYI, Harvard has a system set up that if your family makes under a set amount, (last I checked it was $60,000) your child could go free. They were supposed to be upping the amount every year until it got to $100,000. Unfortunately, D has zippo interest in Harvard. Damn it.

Kate said...

Damn Tina - Lets hope they keep upping it before Kell has/wants to go because that would be awesome. I have no idea what she wants to go there for because she has zero interest in science and business which I think are their big degrees!!!

Ashley said...

LMAO. We plan for large, foreseeable expenses in the same way you do.

Tell her you had to decide between her going to college and looking pretty and looking pretty wins. Sorry Charlie.