Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Conversations With Shaggy

My office Christmas party was Friday afternoon and everyone was in a fantabulous mood after the juicy Christmas bonuses. We had a blast and since Hubby was out of town, I took Shaggy with me. I think by 9 AM at my office he was starting to regret the decision to spend the day with Momma after he got to hear some of these gems:

After eating CrapDonald's last night I have a lubed anus.

Holy crap, I think I just pooped an anaconda.

Then, while bowling, there was this little pearl:

Me: Boy, you better behave before I have to beat you.

Shaggy: You can't hurt me. I'm bigger than you.

Me: Yeah, well you came out of my vagina.

Shaggy: Speechless Disgust

Then, there is this classic exchange between me and one of the guys I work with:

Me: J whatcha doin'?

Him: Nuttin

Both: collapse into heaps of juvenile giggles

As we were driving home, Shaggy said to me, "Boy, I knew you guys were bad at work but I had no idea." To which, I gave him a knowing look and replied, "You still have no idea - that was us behaving."

If that child ever leaves me alone with his children (please, Lord, wait about 20 years), it will be a minor miracle and I can imagine that prior to coming to Grandma's house he will warn them not to listen to a thing I say.

As a side note, I contributed a small chunk of my Christmas bonus contributing to Ashley's preschool fund in an attempt to bring the groove back. Stay tuned for updates!!!


Deb said...

"nuttin" *snicker*

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Listen there, what's the cloak and dagger re: the car monogram? You gotta tell me or else I'll, well, I dunno what I'll do, but you better tell me.

Sasha said...

Now listen, this is between Kate and I...... :-)

Sasha said...

Kate, shall we let ClemsonGirl in on what's going on? She's dying to know... she can't handle not being in the know.

Kate said...

Well, I *did* want you all to myself and having that secret with you did make me seem slightly more attractive to CG (at least in my mind) but I wouldn't want her to be sitting there trying to think up various evil plans to get it out of us so you can tell her!