Monday, July 7, 2008

Crapplebees Part Deux

Awhile back, I made this post about a family visit to Crapplebees. For some reason this post has recently attracted some "interesting" comments.

The first one was received on 5/28 (and this is a direct copy and past from the comment - those are NOT my misspellings):

then stop feeding your kids processed junk and stop bothering people by eating out by leaving yoru crying children home. something tells me none of you have owrked in miserable casual dining.

I read it and thought, well that's interesting. I debated responding to it and then thought, what's the point? Due to the tone and grammatical errors, not to mention the misspellings, I thought it might well be hard to respond on that level.

Then, on 7/5, I received this comment (and this is a direct copy and past from the comment - those are NOT my misspellings):

don't go out stay home and eat meatloaf and complain about it you stupid cow
Now piss off

Once I was done laughing that a post about Applebees would inspire this kind of ire, I figured I'd respond to both comments. Then I started wondering would I sound angry? Even if I tried to be funny, would it still come across as angry? I figured that I was more than likely going to come off bitchy, which wouldn't take rocket science to figure that's exactly what the infamous Anonymous commenter wanted.

To me, the purpose of blogging is a place to share with people who usually don't know you a chance to view your life through whatever window you choose to open. You are putting yourself out there. Opening yourself up to whatever comments - supportive and otherwise - are left for you. I choose to share pretty much whatever is on my mind. I have a don't hold back mentality and enjoy hearing that the ups and downs of my life amuse people. Its a creative outlet for me to vent, bitch, or share whatever I feel is worth writing about.

So, to the infamous Anonymous, let me respond to your comments:

1. I don't feed my children processed junk BUT if I did, what difference does it make to you? Do you get a sense of superiority by telling me not to feed them processed junk? If so, you're welcome for the cheap thrill! Now, I must go open a can of spaghetti-o's for the baby.

2. I can assure you that we do often leave our children, crying and otherwise, at home and go out. I can also assure you that I have taken children, crying and otherwise, out. My children are not perfect - they sometimes act up when out in public - but unless something in our civil rights have changed, I'm pretty sure I have the right to go where ever I chose with or without crying children. I'm also pretty sure that I have the right to say whatever the fuck I want about it, just as your have the right to leave an unintelligible and poorly written comment about it. Next time - continue your education past the 7th grade!

3. I have never worked in any food service business. However, I do know what my philosophy is when out: If I get good service, I compensate accordingly. Good service isn't about me not liking the meal or having a problem with the meal. Good service is about not being a moron and putting a steak knife in front of a baby. Good service is not about being a moron and asking if I want my dinner, that contained a hair, boxed up to go. Take these tips with you when you go to work tomorrow - wait, you don't get tips at McDonald's do you?

4. If I were to stay home and eat meatloaf, I guarandamntee you I wouldn't be complaining about it since I would have made it.

5. Stupid cow? You could have made a better insult if you just said fat cow. I've blogged publicly about having a fat ass. I've also made mention of the fact that I'm pretty fucking smart.

I've often said that I'll take whatever comments I get and be glad for them. Do not mistake this post - I'm taking the comments, and I'm glad for them since it gave me some blog material. If you are going to leave uneducated anonymous comments, be prepared to be called out for them! Also, next time I go through the Mickey D's drive thru - I don't want that supersized, mmmmm'kay?


Deb said...

OMG!! Do you think that's the same reader who sent that nasty email to me about my mother dying? Seriously, what is wrong with people? They're like drive-by postings by people without enough wit, intelligence or balls to post something decent and put their names to it. I hate that. I hate expending energy on it, too.

Go, sister!!

Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog tonight. I really appreciate it. You and I must have both been in an ass-kicking mood tonight, because I'm pretty sure my post would have been half as long if I hadn't been trying to politely tell people to eff off.

Sasha said...

You know, there are some crazy-ass anon commenters out there.... Sorry you got hit. You are a great parent!

Smoochiefrog said...

Now that's some pretty funny stuff there. See, I'm such a smart alec that I'd have blasted them for the grammar and spelling errors. What they say about the family, who cares? It's all about the English baby. :)

Jenn said...

See, I would just spontaneously combust if I had to read that many errors at once.

Honest to God, I AM the person calling when people put "your" instead of "you're" on a sign.

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! What is wrong with those people? Getting so worked up about your Applebee's post! (Now, if it had been about Chili's, I would have understood). :)

Sasha said...

Are you alive??????