Monday, August 27, 2007

MMM HMMM I Like The Way You Look Jill Hennessey MMM HMMM

Lately, I've noticed that I seem to be girl crushing. A LOT. Ok, so its not just lately. I've had a huge thing for Jill Hennessey since I started watching Crossing Jordan (by the way, anyone else out there totally ticked that they cancelled that show?) I don't know what it is about Jill but I really groove on her. She kinda makes me tingle - down there. Of course, my husband doesn't seem to mind because I think she makes him tingle down there too (although he's also confessed a crush on Helen Hunt who I find a little manly).

I even have a picture of Jill hanging above my desk at work. (if I could ever figure out how to post a fucking picture, I'd show you) Its a strange little collage I have going on - most of them courtesy of a girl I work with. There is the picture of GW shaking hands with Curt Schilling from the Red Sox (by the way, in spite of the way my collage appears, I am not, nor will I ever be, a GW fan. I do believe I am the only registered Democrat in the state of Nebraska) There is a picture of GW with a giant pumpkin pasted over his face, and then my personal favorite Daddy and Mommy Bush wearing Red Sox jerseys. It was almost enough to cause me to denounce the Sox as my favorite team, no matter how much I love Jason Varitek. Above them all is my full size magazine picture of Jill - she watches over me during the day. She has that little twinkle in her eye that says, yes Kate, I love you too.

On a side note, Igor (aka 16 yo oldest and most favorite son) had his girlfriend over for dinner. Let me clarify, by that I mean, I made dinner and they both ate and a good time was had by all. Is it totally wrong that at the back of my mind, I am panic struck that by the time I was his age I had already lost my virginity? Do they make chastity belts for boys? I continue to try and shock scar him with sex ed talks but I think he's so used to me now they've lost their impact. I heard a news story the other day that said the current median age teenagers lose their virginity is 14. Does that scare the shit out of anyone else? 14!?!?!?!? At 14, I would still occasionally play with Barbies. I was only just starting to look at boys. What the hell are these babies doing having sex? They should only just be figuring out masturbation - not intercourse.

For those of you who read who only have little kids - lock them up now before its too late. You can let them out - Eventually. For those of you who have kids above the age of 10, you know that you feel every word I'm typing. If you can't lock them up, I'm thinking we should convince them all that homosexuality is the way to go. At least that way you don't end up a grandparent when your baby is still a baby.

Now, I must return to staring intently into Jill's eyes before she thinks I no longer love her.

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Sasha said...

Oh, I think about that all the time- I so hope my kids don't do the things I did as a teenager! Feel free to share your scare tactics and I'll file them away for use in 10 years or so.