Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cost of Children

There have been many studies done on the total cost of raising a child. I believe the most current numbers I have seen are in the neighborhood of $250K. Sure, it seems like a lot of money but what those studies don't tell you is that figure doesn't include extra cirricular activities. Here's my latest breakdown for Drama Queen:

9 Months of Dance Classes (Ballet, Pointe, Tap, and Jazz): $1125.00
Ballet Slippers: $30.00
Jazz Sneakers: $58.00
Pointe Shoes: $100.00
Tap Shoes: $60.00
Leotard: $20.00
Dance Bag: $20.00
Tights: $20.00
Costumes for Recital: $280.00
Recital Fee: $50.00

This gives us a grand total of $1763.00 for ONE freaking year of dance. ONE YEAR. We get to do this all over again each and every freaking year since the age of 3. Obviously, at 3, it was a tad cheaper.

Cost of seeing your child on stage dancing like she's a prima ballerina: PRICELESS

It is scary to see it all totalled up but, I'm a total dance mom. I love that she does it. I love the look on her face when she leaves class - her eyes shining with excitement. I love how she looks on stage. I wouldn't change it for all the money we could save. I do worry though, because she can't wait til Baby can dance too. Hmmmm, point to ponder, wonder if the 2nd child's free??

However, now you understand why I must continue to steal the Frappucino's. I can't afford to buy them after paying for dance class.

Number of Frappucino's stolen since blog started: 10

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Tina said...

Totally get you on this one! Miriam takes dance and it's wicked expensive! I'm too scared to break it down like you did. I don't want to know the full breakdown.

Oh and I found you b/c you listed your blog on blogger and the title intrigued me. Please, visit mine often and leave comments b/c I too have no friends and thrive on seeing comments posted. Well, I did when I saw my first you!