Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Early Birthday!

I'm writing this a day early because we have a busy weekend with Baby's party.

One Year Ago

One Year Ago, I held you in my arm
One Year Ago, I promised to protect you from harm
One Year Ago, I touched your tiny face
One Year Ago, I knew in my heart you had a place

One Year Ago, my heart so filled with pride
One Year Ago, its been such a wonderful ride
One Year Ago, our family got such a lift
One Year Ago, we received our magnificent gift

One Year Ago, our lives weren't yet complete
One Year Ago, the day was truly sweet
One Year Ago, looking at you in sweet repose
One Year Ago, we got our lovely Abby Rose

You know, sometimes the things you want most in life are the things you don't even realize. We certainly didn't expect to find ourselves parents again but there is a completeness to our lives. As if we finally found that long lost missing puzzle piece. While there are many times I wonder if we're certifiable (which we are), I can truly say I have a blessed life. Craziness and all. We may not have money, we may not have all the material possessions but what we do have is a life filled with love and the people we love. Its easy to forget that when your struggling through the day.

So, to my sweet and wonderful daughter, I can't promise you that Mommy will always be fair. I can't promise you that Mommy won't make you mad. I can't promise you that Mommy won't make mistakes. I can't promise there won't be times that Mommy is grumpy. What I can promise you is that Mommy will always love you with every ounce of her being. What I can promise is that Mommy will always be here for you. What I can promise you is that Mommy will always remember, every day of her life, what a blessing and a gift you are and will continue to be. Mommy's heart didn't run out of room to love her children, it seems to have grown with each gift she received and its continued to grow as each of you have made your way through life. You aren't the lucky ones because you have me for a Mommy, Mommy is the lucky one to have ALL of you for children. You taught Mommy the true meaning of love - selfless, unconditional, and sometimes thankless love. For that, Mommy thanks you because each of you have made Mommy a better person.

So from today, tomorrow, and always, I love you and I am honored to get to be your Mommy.

PS - just remember, Mommy also has the goods on you and is perfectly capable of embarrassing you for the rest of your life (just ask Sean and Kelly) so its always smart to stay on Mommy's good side and a little sucking up never hurts!!!


Tina said...

Awwwwwww. Happy Birthday to Miss Abagail! That's a nice poem. Did you write that yourself? If so, kudos to you! Love that pic too. Blackmail photos are truly ones to put in safe places. :)

Kate said...

Thanks, Tina and yes, I wrote that myself....I'm a closet sentimentalist!! :D By the way, I too am a yellow crayon!

Sasha said...

Beautiful- well said! Hope you had a great bday party!