Monday, October 29, 2007

More Rambling

I was just looking back over my sitemeter results and saw a few things worth mentioning:

To the visitor from LA - more specifically - yes, I would be interested in selling you my material for a small premium! :D

To the visitor from Coke - yes, I would love a lifetime supply of your product. I truly do only drink Coke and I would be willing to mention Coke at least once in every post. Have a Coke and a Smile!

To the visitor from Miller Brewing Company - sure send it along with the Coke. I can mention a Miller Lite at least once in every post. Miller - its the cure for what the kids do to you!

To the visitor who googled "Big Turd" and found me - I don't even want to know why on God's green earth you were googling that but thanks for reading!

Disclaimer - these are all very tongue in cheek but yet, still my offer stands to accept your products! Happy reading!


Deb said...

I don't even know the words to explain how hard I laughed over "Big Turd".

I have Paramount Pictures looking at my blog. Clearly, you and I need to write a screenplay or something. BIDDING WAR!! We'll pit Fox and Paramount against each other... and... and...

Tag, you're "it":

Tina said...

I wish somebody famous would visit my blog. I still don't know who from Romania flew by.

And Kate, I luv ya girl!


Ashley said...

Okay Kate, I have no idea how to see what specific companies check my blog? Will you please comment me and tell me? Thank you very much.