Thursday, October 11, 2007

Supply And Demand My Friend

Last night, as I had both the older kids crammed into the clown mobile car, driving middle to dance and Shaggy to exchange his knee brace, I had a conversation with Shaggy:

Me: Ok when we get to dance and you let Kelly out, you have to get out the car backwards and dance around while singing circus music

Shaggy: gives the look that says my mother is a retard and giggles

We drop Kell at dance. By drop I mean we used to shoe horn to wiggle her out of the backseat of my little tiny clown mobile Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Then we have this conversation:

Me: What time will you be home Saturday from homecoming?

Shaggy: I'm not sure what time the dance ends but I think girlfriend has to be home by midnight.

His current curfew is 11. Yes, I realize he's 16. Yes, I realize he's a good kid. Even good kids need limits and well honestly, I feel the need to still show I have the power.

Me: You going to call Aunt about your haircut and beard trim?

Shaggy: I don't know. **pauses** I think I might just shave.

Me: Why??? Aunt said she'd pay for a haircut, style and beard trim. Let them do it.

Shaggy: I don't think I'm going to get my haircut.

Me: Shaggy, you know I don't care about long hair. If you want to grow yours that's fine. BUT, you need a trim. And you should let them neaten up your beard because, well, it looks like pubes growing on your chin.

Shaggy: Gives me "Did my mom just really say pubes and how freaking gross" look rolled into one

Shaggy: I don't want to cut my hair.

Me: You don't have to get 5" cut off but you need a trim.

Shaggy: I don't even have 5" of hair

Me: Stop being literal you know what the hell I mean.

Shaggy: But, girlfriend likes my hair

Me: You want a later curfew? Its all about supply and demand my friend!

Shaggy: WHAT?? Its NOTHING like supply and demand..I did take economics you know.

Me: I'll supply you a later curfew but I demand a haircut and beard trim, call your Aunt! See, supply and demand.


Me: You don't seem to understand that this isn't an option....When I say supply and demand, its all on my end. Otherwise, I'll be at homecoming in my nightgown at 11 to pick you up. I will stand outside the car and yell, "Shaggy....Mommy's here. How was the dance???"

Shaggy: **glare of death and dead silence**

Score 1 for Mom, 0 for Shaggy

PS: I pledge my undying love for Tina for showing me a new toy in the strike out thing!!! You rock, Tina!


Ashley said...

LMAO...and poor Shaggy. WTF is up with the 11pm curfew? Come on lady.

Tina said...

You're very welcome!

I personally would impose a 10PM curfew if he didn't get his hair cut, but I'm a wench that way.

Kate said...

Ahhh Tina - I truly don't care about the length of the hair but it just looks....Shaggyish. He needs a trim and a style. Other than that, he can grow it like a girls if he wants. That's one battle that just ain't worth fighting to me! Besides, you guys have seen the pictures, does he not look like 1. Shaggy and 2. Pirate PubeBeard???