Monday, October 8, 2007


So, the Hubby and Abby returned from their grand adventure in Pennsylvania last night. I was all excited to see them and then it happened...

1. Abby was more excited to see her big sister than me. I was like a can of chopped ham, nobody wants it but it will do in a pinch. I'd say it sucks, and it kinda does, but she knows where her bread is buttered and which one of us is the easier mark.

2. Hubby's got some kind of nasty cough. It was close last night, I almost smothered him with a pillow. I never sleep well when he's not here so I was exceptionally tired. He fell asleep right away, which is a problem because he snores. He claims that I do but until I hear the audio evidence of this I do not believe it! Then, once I FINALLY fell asleep, he woke me up coughing...then again...then again. I feel bad for him but I was totally tempted to use my pillow for something other than my head last night. Lets just say that I like my sleep and I might be a tad bitchy when its interrupted.

He did bring back this picture which I thought was perfect for blogland (you might have to click to enlarge it so you can see):

There are a few options I came up with for what this store might be:

1. The place to return damaged merchandise
2. The largest Viagra warehouse in America
3. Some strange sex shop

Wonder what kind of weirdo's they breed in PA with this kind of store! :D


Tina said...

Too stinking funny!

Sasha said...

Goodness... that is freakin funny!